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Investing in a corporate wellness program is a strategic move that yields enormous benefits. By prioritizing employee health and well-being, you create a positive and productive work environment.

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Here's why company workouts are important.

Team Building and Collaboration

Participating in fitness activities as a team promotes camaraderie, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. Group training and challenges create opportunities for employees to build relationships and collaborate more effectively in the workplace.

Increased Morale and Job Satisfaction

Offering fitness options shows that your company values employee well-being. This increases morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty among your workforce. Employees feel valued, leading to greater engagement, retention, and a positive corporate culture.

Stress Reduction and Mental Resilience Regular exercise has documented benefits for mental health, reducing stress, and improving resilience. By integrating fitness into the workday, you enable employees to effectively manage stress, leading to increased focus, creativity, and overall mental well-being.

Improved Performance and Efficiency Fit and healthy employees are more attentive, focused, and capable of delivering high-quality work. Physical activity stimulates cognitive function, leading to improved decision-making, problem-solving, and productivity. A corporate health strategy optimizes performance and contributes to achieving organizational goals.

Cost Savings By prioritizing employee health through an effective health strategy, long-term cost savings can be achieved. By promoting preventive measures, such as regular exercise and wellness initiatives, you reduce health costs associated with chronic diseases and absenteeism. Invest in your company's success by implementing a comprehensive health strategy. By promoting a healthy, engaged, and vibrant workforce, you create a positive work culture that attracts and retains top talent, drives productivity, and steers your organization towards sustained success.


What people say

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34, Self-employed

Very helpful assistance for little money


53, Schoolteacher

Easy to get started with and great setup of one's program


29, Student

Great with so many different programs and the option to train at home if one is busy


17, Student

Nice that it doesn't cost more per month, as then I can afford my gym membership at the same time


63, Self-employed

There are many features, but once you've spent some time on the platform, it's a great help for someone like me, who is completely new


33, Painter

I don't use the dietary function there, but the training part is well set up and easy to use


18, Electrician Apprentice

It's cool that there are videos of all exercises in one's program. There could be even more programs for muscle building :-)

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